Options Trading Income Report – September 2015

September was a slow but productive month for my trading. I traded a single covered call on TRN and you can see the details below. Over the past few months, TRN has continued a fairly consistent up/down trend which makes selling covered calls against it easy. Take a look at the picture below to see what I mean and see the time frame I made the trade in.

Sep 2015 TRN Trade

Sep 2015 TRN Trade

I’ve held off selling another covered call since TRN is reporting earnings towards the end of October and I don’t know if it’ll change the market’s view on TRN. However, once the dust settles I’ll be back to selling covered calls again.

October’s report will be much more interesting with two, hopefully three, trades closing out which will bring me close to breakeven. Hopefully I can break even by the end of the year!

Starting with this income report, I’m going to incorporate more of the capabilities of the Trading Journal Spreadsheet I wrote about earlier this year.

Below you can see a picture of the Trade Summary page which has most of the info I capture in my usual table you see in an income report, but it also captures some additional details about my entry/exit notes and what I learned.

TRN Sep 2015 Trade Summary

TRN Sep 2015 Trade Summary

Next month I’ll show you more of the stats on all my trades so far this year and how the TJS breaks them down for me and helped me focus on those “winning” trades.

Until next month, happy trading



September Net Income:  $38.91

Total 2015 Net Income:  -$267.18



Strategy Underlying Option Entry Price Exit Price Commission $ Gain/Loss % Gain/Loss # Contracts
CC TRN Sep 18 $27 Call $.69 $.20 -$10.09 $38.91 71% 1