Options Trading Income Report – October 2014

Monthly Income Generated
Annual Return

Another month of trading down!

Not much exciting this month. My trades continued to revolve around CLF and TRN, with some good and bad trades, but overall I came out ahead again this month!

I did discover a bit of unfortunate information though. As I was going through my Excel spreadsheet to calculate returns for this month, I noticed a hole in my equation. Unfortunately, this hole excluded my failed CLF put which I bought back at about a $550 loss.

Unfortunately, this means I’m actually at a slight loss for the year instead of a slight profit. Oh well! This is a learning year and the next will be much better!

On another note, I’ve added some additional trades based on the Blue Collar Investor stock screener in a paper trading account and will write about those shortly to let you know how those go.

Now on to the details!



October Net Income:  $120.36

Total 2014 Net Income:  -$285.48

Adjusted CLF Share Price:  $ 22.54

Adjusted TRN Share Price:  $44.82



Strategy Underlying Option Entry Price Exit Price Commission $ Gain/Loss % Gain/Loss # Contracts
CC CLF Oct 14 11.50 Call $.21 $.06 $10.16 $19.84 47% 2
BCI TRN Oct 14 42.50 Call $1.79 $.30 $10.08 $138.92 78% 1
CC CLF Oct 14 9.50 Call $.17 $.24 $10.16 ($24.16) -71% 2
BCI TRN Oct 14 40 Call $.8 $.1 $10.08 $59.92 75% 1
CC CLF Nov 14 11 Call $.32 $.69 $10.16 ($84.16) -132% 2
Dividend TRN $10.00


What’s Next

I’ll keep whittling away at CLF and TRN to drive down the adjusted cost basis of each of those stocks.

I’m also on the hunt for the next trading program to review, so if you have a suggestion send it my way!

Until my next post, happy trading!