Options Trading Income Report – November 2014

Monthly Income Generated
Annual Return

This was a SLOW month for me.

My family and I were involved in a lot of extracurricular activities and helping some of the families in our area out this month and I really didn’t have an opportunity to trade this month. But, just because it was a SLOW month, doesn’t mean it was a BAD month!

Just a single trade this month, but it was a winner and that’s what matters, right?

Without further ado, here’s November’s results.



November Net Income:  $115.84

Total 2014 Net Income:  -$169.64

Adjusted CLF Share Price:  $ 22.25

Adjusted TRN Share Price:  $44.45



Strategy Underlying Option Entry Price Exit Price Commission $ Gain/Loss % Gain/Loss # Contracts
CC CLF Dec 14 12.00 Call $.81 $.18 $10.16 $115.84 72% 2


What’s Next

I’ll keep whittling away at CLF and TRN to drive down the adjusted cost basis of each of those stocks. However, there is a looming long call I have on CLF that is going to drive expire out-of-the-money and just kill me.

I’m really starting to not like the “buying” side of trading.

In the next week or two, I’ll be closing out the Blue Collar Investor series, so keep your eyes peeled for my final review of their membership offer.

Until next month, happy trading!

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  • Hey (not sure who this will go to?) but you didn’t have a contact page?

    I’ll make this quick as not to waste any of your time during the new year.

    My name is Kirk and I’ve been running and managing OptionAlpha.com for the past 7 years now. We have a very big following and subscriber base similar to yours. We just launched a new podcast a couple months ago which was recently the #1 new and noteworthy investing podcast in iTunes. I’ve done a bunch of solo shows but wanted to bring in other guys (and girls) to interview on the show that I feel would really add a ton of value to my audience in the trading space and you are definitely on my list to contact.

    Let me know if you have any interest and I’d love to get something scheduled in January or early February.

    Hope to talk to you soon!

    Kirk Du Plessis

    PS – here’s the podcast link if you are interested in hearing a couple shows before replying back: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/option-alpha-podcast-options/id932492307?mt=2