Options Trading Income Report – May 2015

May Net Income
Total 2015 Net Income

This was a good month, again making forward progress even if just a little. Just a couple of trades on CLF and TRN, both covered calls. Not really a whole lot to talk about with these two trades.

I’ve continued to follow my trading plans, which you can see posted on the site. It seems more and more evident as I trade and read about trading, minimizing losses is the best place to start from. Just a couple of trades this year set me in the hole I’m currently digging out of.

Had I taken the time, applied a plan to those trades and managed the risk better, I wouldn’t currently be in the situation I’m in. I think this is interesting as I’m studying the Radio Active Trading system which focuses on using married puts to manage risk. You’ll hear more about this soon, I promise!

Hope you had a great month trading and as always if you have any questions or want to let others know how your trading is going, leave a comment below or email me at nakedoptiontrader@gmail.com

Happy Trading!


May Net Income:  $36.82

Total 2015 Net Income:  -$195.64



Strategy Underlying Option Entry Price Exit Price Commission $ Gain/Loss % Gain/Loss # Contracts
CC CLF Jul 19 7 Call $.32 $.14 $10.09 $7.91 56.25% 1
CC TRN Jul 19 25 Call $.52 $.13 $10.09 $28.91 75.00% 1