Options Trading Income Report – June 2015

June Net Income
Total 2015 Net Income

Another month moving forward! Sure it’s just a little at a time, but it’s another month of progress.

My only trade which didn’t hit my 60% gain target was my long-term CLF trade. This was an attempt to see what it was like to sell longer term options.

The verdict? Not a fan.

It seemed, appropriately, to take forever for the decay to have any effect on the value of the option. I’m sure you’re thinking “duh!” I understood the theory on how theta would affect the decay of the option, but I was curious to see how it would “feel” trading that long term of an option.

I definitely prefer the 45-60 day timeframe for selling options. It definitely makes sense from a theoretical standpoint and I like the way it works with the rest of my trading strategy.

As for the review on Radio Active Trading, I’m well into my first trade using the system and it’s…going. I’m into a trade with USO and as in line with the rest of my trading history, USO took a deep plunge right after I got into the trade.

Fortunately, I also bought a put to go along with the trade and am “insured” at $21. I’ll detail the rest of the trade in my upcoming post on my first trade using the Radio Active System.

Until then, happy trading!


June Net Income:  $58.74

Total 2015 Net Income:  -$136.90



Strategy Underlying Option Entry Price Exit Price Commission $ Gain/Loss % Gain/Loss # Contracts
CC CLF Oct 16 6 Call $.53 $.28 $10.08 $14.92 47.17% 1
CC USO Jun 19 20 Call $.46 $.17 $10.09 $18.91 63.04% 1
CC TRN Jul 19 31 Call $.45 $.10 $10.09 $24.91 77.78% 1