Options Trading Income Report – July/August 2015

July/August Net Income
Total 2015 Net Income

Moving across the country is absolute craziness!

Fortunately, our craziness settled down and I can get back to writing. Of course, none of this kept me from trading during our cross-country craziness. During our American tour I managed my first trade using the Radio Active Trading method. I’m working out the write-up for not only the details of the trade but also the last part of my review of the Radio Active Trading system.

The highlights of that trade can be seen below, but I promise all the details will be out in the next week or so for your review. If you take away my Radio Active trade, July and August were pretty dull months but they were all positive.

You’ll notice there is a trade which deviates from my norm of selling options. I took a chance on buying an option *gasp* to test out an idea. It seems to work and I’m currently giving it a try again with CLF. I’ll put out a post here in the next couple of weeks discussing how and why I’ve started incorporating buying options into my strategy.

Other than all that July and August were good months. I hope you’re having great success with trading. Let me know what questions you have or just how you’re doing by leaving a comment below.

Take care and happy trading!


July/August Net Income:  -$169.19

Total 2015 Net Income:  -$306.09



Strategy Underlying Option Entry Price Exit Price Commission $ Gain/Loss % Gain/Loss # Contracts/Shares
CC USO Aug 21 $21 Call $.50 $.10 -$10.09 $29.91 80% 1
Married Put USO Jan 15 $21 Call $2.28 Exercised -$5.04 -$233.04 -100% 1
Long Stock USO N/A $20.64 $21.00 -$9.03 $26.08 1.70% 100
CC TRN Aug 21 $27 Call $.85 $.71 -$10.05 $3.95 16.47% 1
CC CLF Aug 21 $3 Call $.22 $.08 -$10.09 $3.91 63.64% 1
Long Call CLF Jan 15 $1 Call $1.58 $1.87 -$10.09 $18.91 18.35% 1