Options Trading Income Report – July 2014

By August 27, 2014Trading Income Report
Monthly Income Generated
Total Annual Return

Where did August go? Seriously.

Between updating the site for Naked Options Trader (hope you like it) and family commitments, this month has flown by.

I didn’t have a lot of activity in July. One of the trades closed out a trade from the end of June which I failed to capture in the June report, so I’ll include it here. Overall it was a fairly benign month without a lot of excitement.

I did change my strategy for CLF to selling monthly instead of weekly calls. The returns and premium were better overall and don’t seem to require as much managing as the weeklies.

I’m finally starting to see a real difference in the CLF adjusted share price. This number’s sole existence is to help me gauge which strike prices I need to sell CLF Calls at. Granted I can’t always sell something above this price, but I get as close as I can and then roll it out if needed.

The great thing is, this number is getting closer and closer to CLFs current price which means I’ll be able to unload the CLF stock and move on to something else.

Let’s jump into the numbers below.


July Net Income:  $82.75 (this includes the June trade below)

Total 2014 Income:  $273.35

Adjusted CLF Share Price:  $ 18.87


Transaction Option Quantity Fill Price Commission Fees Net Amount
STO CLF Jun 14 16.00 Call 2  $ 0.18  $ 5.00  $ 0.09  $ 30.91
BTC CLF Jun 14 16.00 Call 2  $ 0.04  $ 5.00  $ 0.07  $ (13.07)
STO CLF Aug 14 16.00 Call 2  $ 0.35  $ 5.00  $ 0.09  $ 64.91


What’s Next

I’ll keep selling around CLF and see how that continues. In August, I’ll also start branching out into another strategy focused on buying ETFs options. Additionally, I’ll talk to you about a strategy I’ve adopted from a friend and see how well it works for CLF.

I know my trading right now may seem a little unfocused when it comes to sticking to a particular strategy, but that’s primarily because I’m trying out a few to see which works best.

Stay tuned to see how it works out!