Options Trading Income Report – February 2015

Monthly Income Generated
Total 2015 Net Income

February was a slow month as I attempted (and failed) to fix a TRN trade but collected on a couple of quick trades with GE and CLF. This month was a transition from the flailing of the past year or so into my current trade plans.

In my article on How to Create an Options Trading Plan, I laid out the process I developed for creating my own trading plans. I’ve created a new section called, My Current Trading Plan (original I know) where you can check out my current options trading plans. As these change to meet my current trading needs, you’ll be able to track how my trading plans change. Just another attempt to be as transparent as possible!

One more note. I’ve made a switch for tracking my trading to using a product called Trading Journal Spreadsheet, which can be found here. It’s been a great piece of software which helped me analyze my trades from earlier this year and set up my trading plans. A review on this piece of software will be forthcoming shortly!

That’s it for this month. If you’d like to share how your trading is going or talk about your trading plan, leave a comment below!

Happy trading!



Strategy Underlying Option Entry Price Exit Price Commission $ Gain/Loss % Gain/Loss # Contracts
Naked Put GE Apr 15 23 Put $.43 $.16 $10.07 $16.93 62.79% 1
CC TRN Jul 15 31 Call $2.10 $3.60 $10.08 -$160.08 -71.43% 1
CC CLF Mar 15 7 Call $.33 $.05 $10.08 $17.92 84.85% 1