Options Trading Income Report – April 2015

April Net Income
Total 2015 Net Income

This month was basically a wash.

Unfortunately, bad exit management on one of the puts cost me $18 this month. All three trades used what I’ve labeled my “Slow Stoch” strategy, which you can see on my current trading plans.

The biggest problem with my GE trade was a lack of trust in the research I previously completed in my trade plans. My GE trade plan has a support level of around $24 or $25 depending on what time frame you’re looking at. Unfortunately, I didn’t trust my research enough to hold onto the trade longer and let the boat right itself.

Of course, holding onto that trade would’ve meant possibly busting through my 30% loss cap, so I give myself some kudos for sticking to that part of the plan. I think I may need to add a time component to my roll/exit conditions part of my plan.

I’ll have to think this through a bit and see how I could make that change.

Another significant aspect of my losses, beyond just this month, is coming from my commissions. My OptionsHouse’s commission rate is set to $5 for 5 contracts or less, which equates to $10 roundtrip on a trade. That eats a lot into my single lot trades…I think I’m going to have to find a better solution.

Hope you had a great month trading and as always if you have any questions or want to let others know how your trading is going, leave a comment below or email me at nakedoptiontrader@gmail.com

Happy Trading!


April Net Income:  -$13.22

Total 2015 Net Income:  -$232.46



Strategy Underlying Option Entry Price Exit Price Commission $ Gain/Loss % Gain/Loss # Contracts
CSP GE Apr 17 25 Put $.41 $.59 $10.07 ($28.07) -43.90% 1
CC TRN Apr 17 36 Call $.65 $.53 $10.08 $1.92 18.46% 1
CSP USO Jun 19 16 Put $.37 $.14 $10.07 12.93 62.16% 1