Is an Excel Spreadsheet Worth $149.99? A Review of the Trading Journal Spreadsheet

By April 9, 2015Resource Review

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  • Tonia says:

    Patrick, Thankyou for this review. I was about to purchase because it looked and seemed really good at the outset, but before I hit the Submit button with card details, I realised I hadnt done the usual thorough research I always do on anything I buy, it looked that good. I like to hear from the unusual reviewers, the hidden or hard to find people that review in a wysiwyg way, and look for, in particular, what a programme/app cant or wont do. I found your review helpfully satisfying beyond the standard “this app is great” comment, and because you went to that depth, I used your link to refresh my purchase of TJS. I am also very much enjoying reading all of your other content and will now be following your journey as I am considering Options, and was a little hesitant to even consider it, but I think, by reading all of your entries (havent started yet) and with some aggressive education and research, the option (excuse the pun) to seriously consider it is weighing in to the point of tipping the scales toward Options. Thanks again Patrick. Keep up the great work.


    • Patrick says:


      Thanks for the kind words! I too was a little hesitant to begin trading options but after jumping in I’ve found it to be a great experience.

      What resources are you looking at to try to learn how to trade?


  • Tonia says:

    I have gone with forex. It might be perceived as possibly being the worst one to start with due to volatility. In retrospect, I think its the best because of that very volatility, especially considering that Im heavily studying price action/signals/breakouts and reversals, testing my own knowledge before even attempting to place a trade in a demo account haha. Im extremely conservative and like to know that I know what Im doing before I do it, and testing my chart analysis that Im learning from theforexguy who is just nothing short of wonderfully brilliant in his simplicity of price action analysis using only the above and trends. No indicators. And thats what I want to work with. Learning how to read that raw data. Ive been at it 3 months, narrowed down by elimination to one platform, one broker, account funded and ready to go. But NOT until I know that I know what Im doing.

    Once Ive done that, then I shall be using what I know on any other market. I just wanted to start with the most volatile, and the rest will be a walk in the park. Tough stuff first 🙂