Create Consistent, Low-Risk Income Trading Options

By March 18, 2014Trading for Income

There are lots of passive income techniques floating around the web. Niche sites, affiliate marketing, blogging are all great examples of creating passive income. However, what you don’t see frequently mentioned is options trading. Just a little work upfront to identify solid underlying stocks or exchange traded funds (ETFs) can reduce the time required to make the trades.

Really? Is it that easy?

I think so! Of course nothing is quite as easy as it seems up front, but with a little work I’m going to create consistent, monthly income through options trading and you’ll get to see every step of the way.

The math is easy…I’m talking like elementary school easy. You’ll get to see how easy it REALLY is as I go along and break it all down into layman’s terms so I can understand it better.  If you can add, subtract, multiply and divide, you’re good to go! Trust me, any more than that and I couldn’t do it!

As I mentioned, a majority of the work must be done upfront. First, I’ll walk you through which underlying securities I’m using, how I chose them and why. Much of the work is already done for you through a variety of online tools or sites, which is awesome for the lazy guy in me!

I think one of the reasons options trading is scary for people is they tend to think it’s extremely risky. However, the reality is you can control your level of risk so much more with options trading versus regular stock trading. With almost every trade I can think of, you know exactly how much you’re risking prior to the trade. And what if it really didn’t matter if you had to buy or sell the underlying stock?

How would your life change if you could make $5k a month just selling a few options? Sit back and learn from me as I wade into the wonderful world of options creating success and learning lessons from my failures. Every step I take will be as visible as a streaker running across a football field!