Is there a wocket in your pocket? Or a zeiling on the ceiling?

Is there a wocket in your pocket? Or a zeiling on the ceiling?

Howdy! My name is Patrick Smith. I’m just a typical guy with a steady job, a family to take care of and the usual concerns of a mid-30s husband, father, son.

My job pays the bills, but only for the next few years. I’m learning how to make money a different way, one that doesn’t require trading the majority of my day for a decent paycheck.

This desire led me to learning about…options!

I began options trading about nine months ago after setting out on my own quest to find a new way to take control of my financial future.

I’ve run the gamut of ideas such as real estate, an online business, etc. and didn’t find one which fit me as well as options trading. My venture into options trading began when I stumbled upon an online course, paid the ~$500 entry fee and dove into learning.

Paper trading with the simple system I learned went well, however my failure to stick to the system when I applied it to the real world held me right at the break even point. Lesson learned…

The point of this blog is exactly that, to help me create and stick to the system. The best way to do this is to show you everything and hold nothing back

You’ll see my monthly trading reports, the lessons I learn and how I adapt my own system to them. I hope my stumbles help you with taking control of your financial future.

If you’re already trading and want to lend a hand, feel free to jump in with a comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome!

I consider myself a student in options trading and far from being a guru or an expert. Earning an income in this manner will take hard work, patience and staying power with my system.

Along the way, I’ll highlight for you my plans and resources I use to help guide me. You’ll always get an honest opinion about what I think works, or doesn’t, from my experience.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this and I hope to see a comment from you soon!


Patrick Smith